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Summer Intensive Swimming Programme &
Family Swimming Sessions 

Group Classes & 1:1 Sessions

Our intensive courses aim to speed up swimming progress with an intensive batch of consecutive lessons, either 2 or 5 back to back classes. These are great refresher sessions after the long lock down period of not being in a pool nor attending regular classes. 


Benefits of intensive summer swimming sessions:

  • learn to be SAFE around all forms of water by learning to swim

  • healthy fun and exercise (away from those screens)

  • builds water confidence

  • introduces new skills

  • improves stroke technique 

  • boosts self-esteem before a family holiday 

  • fun and productive way of filling up holiday time


Small group lessons with an excellent teacher:swimmer ratio of 1:4 for beginner classes and 1:5 for stroke correction classes. 


We also offer 1:1 sessions over the summer where swimmers can receive personal attention catering to individual needs, resulting in rapid improvement in their swimming. Offered to both adults and children.


Due to new Covid class procedures, teachers will not be in the pool and sessions are 25-minutes to allow for class changeover time. For further details, please see our Customer Zone.  

Swimming Pool
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Family Swim Sessions

With Covid social distancing limiting public pool space at Leisure Centres, join SwimVibe's Splash Time and enjoy some family fun in the pool!


Take advantage of your own pool section (2-lanes in a 20m pool) for 40-minutes.


Play and build up your child's water confidence within a secure fun family environment.

If your child already has lessons at Graeme High school, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy the familiar environment and share the pool with their family. Let them show you, at the same time reinforcing, some of the skills they have learnt during class time!

Perhaps you would prefer to train and swim 20m lengths without having to share lanes with other people. A fun way to exercise with your older kids!



5th-9th July (5 days)   


WEEK 2             

12th-16th July (5 days) 

WEEK 3:                

19th-23rd July (5 days)



£50 for 5x consecutive group lessons (Mon-Fri)


£30 for 1x 1:1 private lesson (individual dates available for selection). Each additional child will be invoiced at £10. Email once you have registered a 1:1 session if you want to add extra children to a 1:1 booking as the booking system won't do this. (Please note swimmers should be similar swimming ability levels). 


£20 for 1x family swim (40-minutes)

Booking is essential as spaces are limited. Please note we do require a minimum number of swimmers in order to run group classes in the intensive programme and classes may be consolidated. Class times are set and cannot be moved. We can only allow a certain number of children in the pool at any given time, therefore we will be running 2x group lessons and 1x private lesson or 3x family swim sessions during each session

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How to Enrol

  1. Click on this link to take you to our web page to complete the Swimming Ability Matrix. You will not be able to register for the Intensive Swimming Programme unless you provide your child's age and ability level for correct class placement.

  2. Click on this link to the Summer Intensive Swimming Programme.

  3. Complete your 'Parent/Guardian details' and click 'Next'.

  4. Complete your 'Swimmer details' and click 'Save'.

  5. On 'Swimmer List' you can 'add' another swimmer or click 'Next'.

  6. 'Select a Student' and 'Class Details': 

    a) 'Level': You will now be asked what you want to book. Choose EITHER
    - 1:1 session 
    - Family swim session
    - Group session. Choose your Swimmers 'Current Level and age group' if you want to book a 5-day group session.

    b) 'Date Range': choose which week you would like to view. 

    c) 'Day(s)': You will now be asked to 'Choose days'
    - 1:1 session. Choose individual days.

    - Family swim session. Choose individual days.
    Group session. Select 'Monday' to reflect 5-day group classes.

  7. Once selection has been made, click 'Find Classes', you will be given a selection of available classes. 

  8. Select the classes you want, click 'Add Classes' at the bottom and click 'Next'. 

  9. A Class Registration Summary will be displayed. You will need to accept and sign Agreements and 'End Preview'. 

  10. After checkout you will then receive an email confirming registration. Please note 'Registration' does not guarantee your place until payment is received into our bank account. 

  11. Please pay for your sessions within 24 hours. Bank details will be provided on your automated email generated when you register. Please note, payment in full secures your booking. Once you have been enrolled, a payment receipt and details will be emailed to you to confirm your booking.   

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