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What class should I enrol my child into?


Adult and Toddler class


  • to introduce little ones to the medium of water and the pool environment

  • to provide the perfect opportunity for parents and toddlers to spend quality time together whilst developing water confidence

  • to provide parents with the knowledge of the correct handling techniques to enable basic swimming movements and skills to take place

  • to provide a structured framework to enable learning and self-discovery to take place in safety

  • to provide parents with an understanding of safe submersion of toddlers

  • to provide a stimulating and enjoyable programme, through play, which takes into account the relationship between development and performance in water

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New Beginner class


  • to introduce swimmer to the aquatic environment, making it fun and safe

  • to build water confidence and introduce the concepts of buoyancy, submersion, aquatic breathing and movement on front and back – basic water skills

  • to develop correct body position to maintain independent buoyancy - floating

  • to jump in with assistance

  • to introduce safety skills


Confident Beginner class


  • to coordinate basic swimming skills to move short distances independently

  • to introduce streamlining

  • to submerge and collect sinkers

  • to float, roll and change direction

  • to jump in independently and return to wall with assistance

  • to develop safety skills

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Advanced Beginner class


  • to develop swimming skills required for independent movement both on front and back for 5m

  • to develop independent aquatic breathing

  • to develop streamlining

  • to develop sculling and treading skills


New Swimmer class


  • to introduce and develop the four basic strokes, concentrating on correct body position and developing correct leg and arm action for each stroke

  • to introduce bilateral breathing

  • to swim a distance of 10m both on front and back with a recognised stroke

  • to tread and scull with head above surface

  • to develop streamlining and sitting dives

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Confident Swimmer class


  • to develop efficient arm and leg position and action for all four strokes

  • to demonstrate correct breathing for each stroke

  • to swim a 20m distance with a recognised stroke

  • to develop streamlining and basic dives

  • to introduce somersaults


Advanced Swimmer class


  • to fine tune body position, leg propulsion, arm pull, correct breathing, timing and co-ordination as well as correct starts, turns and finishes required for the four strokes

  • refine skills in sculling, diving, streamlining, tumble turns and survival

  • stamina and fitness building in preparation for club swimming or other aquatic activities

  • to swim 40m of each stroke with good technique

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