Enrolment Fees & Costs

£ 10 per swimmer per 30-minute lesson.

£10 once-off administration fee on enrolment.


Fees charged per school term in advance (monthly payment option).


Automatic roll-over enrolment 

Join at anytime.

Enrolment Procedure 

 1. Please determine a suitable 

    class level for your child first.                                                     

2. Complete the online class

     booking enquiry form.


3. You will automatically be

     added onto our waiting list.


4. Our team will contact you

      as soon as a space become


Our Class Levels

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Adult and Toddler
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1. New Beginner
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2. Confident Beginner
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3. Advanced Beginner
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4. New Swimmer
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5. Confident Swimmer
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6. Advanced Swimmer
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Club Ready Squad

What class

should I enrol

my child into?


Adult and Toddler



This level 'Pink Pod' is designed to help toddlers (ages 2-3 years) enjoy learning to swim with help from their parents or guardians.


  • to introduce little ones to the medium of water and the pool environment

  • to provide a stimulating and enjoyable programme, through play, which takes into account the relationship between development and performance in water

  • to provide the perfect opportunity for adults and toddlers to spend quality time together whilst developing water confidence

  • to provide adults with the knowledge of correct handling techniques to enable basic swimming movements and skills to take place

  • to provide adults with an understanding of safe submersion of toddlers



Beginner Class

This level 'Red Pod' ensures skills are learnt in a fun and enjoyable way. The early stages are really important for developing the building blocks for future technique. 


  • to obtain the 'I Love my Swimming Lesson' award by confidently participating in classes and developing basic safety awareness, learning basic movement skills and water confidence skills

  • to be introduced to the aquatic environment in a structured class setting

  • to build water confidence by introducing the concepts of buoyancy, aquatic breathing and movement on front and back – basic water skills needed to build swimming ability

  • to develop correct body position to maintain independent buoyancy – floating

  • to move around the pool and be confident with water on the face and eyes in the water

  • to introduce water safety skills



Beginner Class


This level 'Orange Pod' further develops water confidence and teaches swimmers to breathe confidently whilst in the water. Being confident with the face in the water, or having water on the face, is crucial to stroke development. Learning to be happy in the water at an early stage will allow swimmers to develop other skills more quickly.


  • to obtain the 'I can Swim' award by travelling short distances independently and unaided

  • to provide a structured framework to enable learning and self-discovery to take place in safety

  • to introduce the concept of submersion, streamlining and basic swimming skills

  • to develop aquatic breathing skills

  • to develop water safety skills including floating, rolling, changing direction, jumping in and returning to the side with assistance



Beginner Class


This level 'Yellow Pod' is an important stage for a child's safety, building swimming skills to ensure a breath can be taken whilst swimming independently.


  • to obtain the '5m' distance award by travelling and breathing unaided and independently on front and back 

  • to develop swimming skills and independent aquatic breathing

  • to submerge and collect objects

  • to build on water safety knowledge



Swimmer Class


This level 'Green Squad' introduces swimmers to the four basic strokes, front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.


  • to obtain the '10m' distance award by swimming a distance of 10m continuously, both on front and back with recognized strokes and demonstrating correct breathing

  • to introduce the leg and arm action to swim the four basic strokes

  • to demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills

  • to introduce sculling and treading skills

  • to develop streamlining and sitting dives

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Swimmer Class


In this level 'Blue Squad', important key areas of development and crucial lifesaving skills are learnt including sculling and treading.


  • to obtain the '20m' distance award by swimming a distance of 20m continuously, both on front and back demonstrating good stroke technique

  • to concentrate on correct body position and developing correct arm and leg action and breathing for all four strokes

  • to develop sculling and treading skills

  • to introduce somersaults



Swimmer Class


This level 'Purple Squad' is the final stage of our learn-to-swim programme. A graduation trophy will be awarded on completion of this stage.


  • to obtain the '50m' distance award by swimming one stroke for a distance of 50m continuously, demonstrating good stroke technique

  • to fine tune coordination and breathing in all four strokes

  • to swim 25m of each stroke with efficient technique

  • to develop skills in sculling, diving, streamlining, tumble turns and survival

  • to demonstrate rescue skills and a full understanding of water safety


Club Ready



This class is for swimmers who have completed our Learn-to-swim programme, but would like to further develop their technique and stamina before joining a competitive swimming club or other aquatic discipline. 


  • to obtain the '100m+' distance award by swimming at least three strokes for a minimum distance of 100m continuously, demonstrating efficient stroke technique

  • to fine tune body position, leg propulsion, arm pull, correct breathing, timing and co-ordination, as well as correct starts, turns and finishes required for the four strokes

  • to refine skills in sculling, diving, streamlining, tumble turns and survival

  • to build stamina and fitness in preparation for club swimming or other aquatic activities