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  • Can you provide information on venues and accessibility?
    Graeme High School (Callendar Rd, Falkirk, FK1 1SY) Please use the rear sports/staff entrance and car park Entrance to the school building to the far-right corner as you drive through the gates. Park on the tarmac area to the right hand side of the driveway. Please follow the signs to the pool.
  • What should my child bring to their lesson?
    Swimsuit, towel, goggles and water bottle. We do not use artificial buoyancy aids (i.e. armbands) We like children to feel their own natural buoyancy. All swimming equipment and floats will be provided. For safeguarding and hygiene reasons we must request that all swimmers wear the appropriate swimwear. Please dress girls in full swimsuits and boys in well-fitting swimshorts. Children arriving to lessons in bikinis or underwear may be turned away from their lesson. Toddlers and children under the age of 4 years (including any older children who are still undergoing toilet training) must wear swimming nappy/pants. SwimVibe Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry into the pool without the appropriate swimwear. Goggles to be adjusted and ready to wear. If swimmer cannot put their own goggles on, they should be placed on head ready to pull down over eyes. Additional Information Long hair to be tied back away from face and eyes or swimming cap worn. Due to the risk of water contamination, please ensure swimmers are not wearing any makeup, cosmetic products including sun creams and oils. Swimmers should shower prior to entering the swimming pool to remove excess body oils, creams and hair product. To avoid injury, the wearing of spectacles in the water by a swimmer is not recommended. Jewellery and watches can be a hazard and should not be worn during swimming.
  • How and when do I make a payment for swimming fees?
    Invoices will be sent out before the start of each term or your first class. Please note swimming fees are payable termly in advance of lessons. If you would prefer to pay monthly, please arrange this with Hanneke ( Payment Methods: CASH (EXACT AMOUNT in sealed envelope, marked with SWIMMER NAME, SURNAME and AMOUNT please,) and placed in the payment box at the pool; Change will not be given, overpayment will be deducted from future payments. CHEQUE (addressed to SwimVibe Ltd) BANK TRANSFER (SwimVibe Ltd Account #12265761, sort code 80-22-60 (ref: SWIMMER NAME and SURNAME) Additional Information Payment receipts will be emailed and can be views in the customer portal. Fees are charged per school term and the amount will reflect the number of lessons per term. Swimmers can join at any time during a term and fees will be charged pro rata. £12 per swimmer per 30-minute lesson. £10 once-off administration fee is charged on enrolment. This is non-refundable. Fees are payable in full in advance of start of term or first lesson to secure place. If the term is being paid for by someone other than yourself, you are responsible for informing that person of our payment policies, deadlines etc. and relaying any communication with regards to re-booking or payments of any sort. Anyone who has not paid for their block of lessons or had a payment returned as unpaid, will be unable to participate in their lessons until the fees have been paid in full and at which time their place may be forfeited.
  • Are the changing rooms communal?
    There are two communal changing rooms with showers and toilet facilities. School changing room policy: Adults should be in the correct gender specific changing rooms for themselves, children aged 8 and under can be in either, but ages 9 and above should be in the correct changing room for their gender. If a child aged 9 and above still requires parental assistance, they should use the disabled bathrooms, which are big enough to change in, in the adult gender specific changing room. Graeme High school have recently installed to changing cubicles in each change room. Additional Information Outdoor shoes to be removed and stored neatly outside the changing rooms. We recommend bringing indoor shoes for hygiene purposes and to avoid slipping. Please wait in the changing room until the start of lesson to avoid congestion on poolside. Once swimmer has finished their lesson, please move into the changing rooms to shower, dry and change, and to consider those parents wanting to watch their children swim. Please leave the pool, social areas and changing rooms as you would like to find them. Please do not leave any litter on the property, in the swimming pool area, toilet or changing rooms. There are bins provided. No food or drink (with th exception of water) to be taken into the pool area or changing rooms please. Swimmers should not eat a large meal for at least an hour before swimming lessons. A drink and light snack are recommended after the lesson, on leaving the premises. Please ensure swimmers shower before their lesson to keep our swimming pool free from contamination. Please take care when walking on poolside or around the shower and changing areas as they can become slippery when wet. SwimVibe Ltd will not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury whilst on pool premises. Any personal belongings are left at the owners’ risk.
  • Will my child change classes when ready to move up to the next level?
    Swimmers will progress through the levels in their current class and time slots where possible. Swimmers are placed into appropriate age and ability levels allowing all swimming skills to be covered progressively each week. We follow a specific program which is incorporated into the lesson plans to ensure all skills and strokes are taught. Swimmer progression is monitored and assessed continually by the teacher throughout the lessons. Please note, it usually takes two or more terms to progress to the next level as we need to repeat the skills and strokes for a swimmer to become confident and competent. Parents/guardians can log onto the customer portal to view progress and skill sets required to progress to the next level. SwimVibe reserves the right to move swimmers to different classes or time slots to ensure they are in an appropriate ability group thus ensuring continued progress for all the swimmers. Additional Information All our levels incorporate water safety and survival skills appropriate to class level of ability. Parents sit on poolside so you can see swimmers and they can see you; you can give a smile for support and a thumbs up for encouragement and recognition of a skill achieved. Certificates for Effort and Progress will be available to download from the customer portal at the end of each term. Your child’s current swimming progression level will be noted on the certificate. Please bear in mind, no two children are at exactly the same level and each child has different strengths in various strokes and skills. Remember, we only swim for 30 minutes once a week and the number of lessons attended will affect progression! We do recommend taking swimmers to local leisure centres and pools to play and build confidence.
  • How long is the lesson?
    Lessons are 30 minutes in duration including change-over time and start promptly on the hour or half hour so please ensure swimmers have been to the toilet and are ready to swim at the start of their class. Please arrive in sufficient time to allow the class to begin as scheduled (5 minutes is adequate). Attendance will be recorded by the poolside coordinator and the swimming teacher at the start of the lesson. Such monitoring is for emergency evacuation and attendance reasons and is therefore for your own safety and child safeguarding. Additional Information SwimVibe will be responsible for swimmers during their swimming lessons and parents/guardians are responsible at all other times. The swimming lesson begins when the poolside coordinator accepts charge of the student and ends when the lesson finishes. Please do not interrupt swimming teachers during lessons. Our attention must remain on the safety and supervision of our swimmers. We try to have strict control of all classes to ensure that every precaution is taken to keep your swimmer safe. Should a swimmer misbehave or disrupt a lesson they will be given a verbal warning. Should they persist with bad behavior, they may be requested to sit outside of the pool or even leave the pool area. We would appreciate it if parents could explain to their swimmers that this is a time to learn and not misbehave. Swimmers may not run around the pool, surround, nor enter the water before or after their lesson without the teacher's permission. Never enter the pool if the teacher is not on poolside. For our adult and child classes we ask that one adult must enter the water with each child. That adult is exclusively responsible for the safety of the toddler both in the pool, changing rooms and the surrounding areas. Avoid feeding swimmers too close to lesson times. Please bring a dry towel or poncho for after the lesson.
  • Where can I watch my child's lesson?
    We request that only one adult per swimmer enter the pool area due to space and seating restrictions. Parents/guardians are very welcome to sit on poolside, however we politely request when observing a swimming lesson to please do so quietly and show consideration to others. It is imperative that noise is kept to a minimum so that those in the pool can hear the teachers and so staff can maintain the safest possible environment. Any siblings that are on poolside and not taking part in a lesson must always be supervised by an adult. Please ensure siblings remain seated and entertained otherwise should go out to the main social area. Additional Information Please do not interfere with the teaching or distract the swimmers or teachers from their sessions. A parent/guardian should be available to take younger swimmers to the toilet during a lesson. We request parents/guardians remain close by whilst the swimmer is in their lesson. This is imperative in case of the unlikely event of a medical emergency, building evacuation or other emergency situation. All parents/guardians are encouraged to supply us with a mobile contact number for quick communication purposes. Please take care when walking on poolside or around the shower and changing areas as they can become slippery when wet.
  • How do I re-enrol for the next term of lessons?
    To give existing SwimVibe swimmers priority for lessons each term, we use an automatic re-booking system. This means enrolment is continuous and swimmers are automatically re-enrolled into the next term of lessons to continue swimming in their current time slots, unless you inform us prior to the end of term that you either wish to change day or time, or alternatively that you wish to stop altogether or otherwise notified by SwimVibe. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if your child is not returning for the following term to allow us time to offer this place to a swimmer on our waiting list. Additional Information Please note that we try to progress swimmers through the levels in their current time slots, therefore we cannot guarantee or advise if or when spaces will open up. We will add you to our waiting list and priority is given to existing swimmers for alternate times. New enrolments can join a class at any time where space allows as our classes run continuously and content is repeated. If, after enrolling and attending the first two lessons, the parent/guardian decides not to continue for any reason, a refund for the remaining lessons paid, will be refunded. The administration fee and lessons attended will not be refunded. If, after enrolling and attending the first lesson, SwimVibe decides the class level is not suitable and no other spaces are available, a full refund will be given.
  • What happens if my child is sick or unable to attend a lesson?
    Please do not attend your swimming lesson if you, or your child... show any Covid-19 symptoms, including but not restricted to fever, continuous cough, loss or change to smell or taste. have been unwell with sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours. has any illness that is contagious, in fairness to other swimmers, please do not allow them into the swimming pool. has or recently had Chicken Pox, they will not be allowed to swim until all spots have healed and any scabs have disappeared. Additional Information We would appreciate it if any absences can be recorded via the customer portal. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any make-up lessons and full lesson fee will be charged to keep your swimmers place. To ensure that all swimmers are given the best opportunity to succeed, and, to keep them safe please inform us of any medical conditions a child may have as well as any learning difficulties. This should include difficulties a child is experiencing at home, school, etc. as their emotional state of mind also affects their swimming performance and progress. This information should be recorded on enrolment via our customer portal and will be kept confidential.
  • Do I still need to pay if my child does not swim?
    If we cancel, you do not pay. If you cancel, you will need to pay to cover the cost of running the lesson and to keep your place. If, after the first lesson, we determine this class is not suitable and no other spaces are available, a refund for the remaining classes will be given. Additional Information Swim School Cancellations Please be aware that school management at our school venue may cause swimming classes to be cancelled at short notice due to school events taking place. Unfortunately, we have no control over these events or notice periods but will inform customers as soon as we have been notified. In the event of a cancelled lesson, we will endeavour to contact our customers as soon as possible via the customer portal, by email and text. Please note however, we cannot guarantee that this will happen timeously - especially if a closure is decided at short notice. In the case of extended closure, we will keep you informed via email of when lessons will recommence. Please ensure your contact details are up to date. In the event of a pool closure or cancelled class, a credit will be given in lieu of future payment for the following month/term. Customer Cancellations Missed lessons cannot be refunded or transferred in any circumstances. Unfortunately, we cannot offer make up lessons. Due to the increasing number of swimmers we have and the full classes, it is impossible to manage even if we are notified in advance of absenteeism’s. We have also found it to be disruptive for the teachers and existing swimmers to adapt to a new swimmer for a once off lesson, especially for our younger swimmers who require a more structured and consistent class and environment. Unfortunately, we cannot hold spaces. Once a class has been allocated, enrolment is immediate. We appreciate there may be medical or personal reasons as to why you cannot attend one or multiple lessons. However, as we are a small business and only place four swimmers in a class, we do need to cover all our running costs for each class and as such, we do need to charge the full class rate to keep your place. If you would prefer to give up your space, we can advise on class availability at the time you are ready to return but please appreciate we cannot guarantee availability. Two week’s written notice is required to terminate your child’s swimming classes, receive a refund for fees paid for classes after the notice period and to receive a final certificate. Please note as enrolment is automatic, if written notice is not received, swimmers will still be liable for payment of lessons missed and not paid for. If a swimmer does not attend their lesson and payment is not received by the payment dates stipulated on the invoices, the lesson will be allocated to a new swimmer and no final certificate will be issued. If you wish to discontinue lessons, we would appreciate you letting us know, so your place can be offered to another swimmer without any delay and a final certificate can be issue via the customer portal during the week of the last lesson. In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations, anyone booking lessons for the first time is entitled to a 14-day cooling off period. The 14-day cooling off period commences from the date of payment. People wishing to exercise their right to this must contact us in writing within 14 days of payment. Refunds will be made back as per the original payment method. Should lessons have already commenced, the cost of any lessons taken within that period and enrolment fee will be deducted from the amount refunded. We ask therefore that you ensure your child is ready for lessons before booking them in. After this period, we cannot offer refunds or credit notes if you are unable to attend lessons. ​PRICING POLICY At SwimVibe Ltd we are committed to providing the best value for money. We will constantly monitor other local private swim schools’ prices to remain competitive.
  • What is your photo/filming and electronic device policy?
    Please note no photography or filming is permitted on poolside without prior consent from SwimVibe Ltd. Photos at the end of the class of only your child may be permitted but prior permission must be obtained from SwimVibe Ltd. The poolside coordinator will record swimmer attendance via our customer portal on a tablet on poolside. Additional Information Photos and videos may be taken for promotional purposes for SwimVibe Ltd. We will always check with all parents/guardians before allowing any photography and photo consent must be indicated on enrolment. Electronic devices are permitted on poolside but may not be used for photography purposes. Please ensure the sound is off to avoid any distraction to swimmers and other viewers. SwimVibe Ltd would encourage all users to report any suspicious activity to the poolside coordinator as soon as they can. To view the full policy document, please email
  • What is the best way to contact SwimVibe if I have any further questions?
    SwimVibe welcomes your comments, feedback, and suggestions for improvement to our services, or to discuss any issues you have about your child’s swimming. Our classes run back to back which does not leave any time for the teacher to discuss any issues on poolside. To avoid disruption to lessons, please get in touch with us via email, website contact page or the SwimBiz customer portal. Alternatively you can find us on Facebook General Class and Swimmer Enquiries: Email: or phone: 074 2556 9197 Account and SwimBiz Enquiries: Email: or phone: 074 2556 9197 Policy / Health and Safety / Data Protection Enquiries: Email: or phone: 075 8499 2414
  • What should I do in the event of an Emergency?
    In the event of an emergency all swimmers and spectators will immediately stop what they are doing and wait for further instructions. Should it be necessary to evacuate the building, as in the case of a fire alarm, no attempt should be made to recover possessions from the changing rooms or anywhere else within the building. A member of staff will take charge once the swimmers have left the water. We are responsible for all children in the pool. We will register all swimmers and reunite them with parents outside. Parents/guardians who are in the changing rooms with their children will be responsible for taking them outside. Evacuation will take place through the Emergency exits leading outside directly from the pool area. Additional Information SwimVibe Ltd will always abide by its Normal Operating Procedures and the Emergency Action Plan. We continuously review, revise, and update our risk assessments.
  • What is your procedure if I have an accident or incident?
    The pool coordinator will assess the situation and call the parent/guardian from poolside. In the meantime, will ensure the child is warm and safe and made as comfortable as possible and kept under close supervision. If the child needs to go straight to hospital, an ambulance is called. A member of staff will accompany the parent/guardian and their child from the pool to the ambulance. If the child does not need to go straight to hospital but their condition means they should go home, the parent/guardian will be assisted to their vehicle. If the child does not need hospital treatment and is judged to be able to safely remain at the pool, the pool coordinator will remove the child from the activity and, if appropriate, will assist the parent/guardian to treat the injury/illness. If the child is feeling sufficiently better, they will be resettled back into the activities, but will be kept under close supervision for the remainder of the session. Parents/guardians will be made fully aware of the details of any incident involving their child’s health and safety, and any actions taken by staff or contractors. Additional Information All incidents and accidents are recorded in detail and parents/guardians should sign to acknowledge the incident and any action taken. SwimVibe Ltd, staff and contractors should consider whether the accident or incident highlighted any actual or potential weaknesses in its policies or procedures and make suitable adjustments if necessary. The poolside coordinator must be informed of any child’s prescribed medication. SwimVibe Ltd does not provide any medication apart from first aid.
  • Where can I see your Swim School Policies and Procedures?
    Please follow the link at the bottom of our website for an overview of our Policies and Procedures. Full copies of all our Policies and Procedures are available on request, please email Health and Safety Policy Safeguarding Policy Customer Care Policy Complaints Policy GDPR and Privacy Policy Equal Opportunities Policy Please request details on the following Policies and Procedures: Pricing Policy Photography and Electronic Devices Accident or Incident Procedure Missing Persons Policy Emergency Procedure
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