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Pool venue change 11th & 12th April only


We have received a call from the pool management company at Graeme High school, there has been a failure with the chlorine pump within the pool and chlorine levels are dangerously high which means that the pool will be out of use for the remainder of this week while they work to get the level back down and repair the fault.


They have offered us the pool at Braes High school. All classes will move to Braes High school this week and class times will remain the same.

Braes High school, Newlands Road, Falkirk FK2 0DA

Entrance to the car park is off of Wallace Brae Drive and parking is available at the front of the school and also along the road that runs along the trees at the bottom of the image. Entrance to the school is where the marker is saying “Braes High School”. (See image below). 

If you enter using the pupil entrance then turn to your left as you go in, the changing rooms will be there, we will put up SwimVibe signs too. Please bare with us as we have never taught at this school before. Please give yourselves a bit more time to get ready as this is a different venue.

Apologies once again for any inconvenience.


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